While many have been hunkering down in preparation for winter, the YPWGP team has been preparing another initiative – guaranteeing endless powder turns. This will come in the form of a top secret project, a glade whose location is so secret even the rare visitor will have to be blindfolded for the last hour of the trip and be stripped of cellphone privileges.

Providing new meaning to earning powder turns

The answer to our powder quest has come in the form of approximately 700′ vertical of mixed growth forest somewhere in the northeastern United States. Two full days of labor have completed nearly two glades which will provide nearly endless amounts of untouched powder for our skiing pleasure. Another day of slashing, lopping and chainsawing should be required to make the zones fully faceshottable. When the pine needles settle, two glades full of steep pitches and natural features will remain

The next hurdle we will face is how to get at all that pow most efficiently. While access trails will allow us to hike and skin efficiently, a true powder hound knows that sometimes a little mechanical assistance may be necessary, and a request to our powder-owning landlord to use a sled will have to be made.