For the New England skier, 2011-12 was a trying season. Ullr all but forgot about us Easterners, forcing us to pretend that we prefer carving arcs on groomers and pivoting down icy moguls. Each winter brings a new sense of life to the Eastern skier – 2012-13 is no different. With early cold fronts developing and a number of prominent resorts already over 50% open, it’s easy to get antsy about the possibilities of a deep winter.

As the YPWGP team continues work on their top-secret glade, this excitement becomes all the more obvious. Expectations are at an all-time high and hopes of big powder days grow greater with every low pressure system in forecast. Although it is important to keep an even keel when it comes to powder expectations, no skier can deny the anticipation each new season brings. We begin with a clean slate – one that we eventually fill with deep powder turns, stomped landings, high fives, and countless (ok, counted) face shots.