Listen, all skiers understand that little stock should be put into a long-range forecast – especially in coastal regions like New England or the PNW. Trying to determine snowfall amounts 6-10 days out from a trip is just not going to happen with any accuracy. BUT, and this a big BUT – hearing about a massive high pressure system that is supposedly going to cover a large majority of the western U.S. during the entire length of our first western trip is something to be undoubtedly terrified of.

Fortunately for the YPWGP crew, flights were booked via Southwest so we all have the ability to change flight times at minimal additional cost. Whether we decide to take that route remains to be seen, but when the terms “long range”, “extended”, and “high pressure system” are combined, it can only mean one thing: No. Fresh. Powder.

Gives me the willies just blogging about it.

-Easy E