Today was a strange day for our crew. We left the airport immediately before what is certain to be the largest winter storm of the year dumped several feet throughout the northeast. This normally would be a cause for concern, except for the fact that the Wasatch was forecast to receive even more snow. Even our conservative friends at NOAA were predicting in the vicinity of two feet of classic low-density Utah powder. Combine this with some of the best terrain in the lower 48, and we were happy to be climbing aboard our six am flight to Utah. There was only one problem  – we woke up Saturday morning to sunny skies.

This is not what we were expecting!

A short squall had dropped five inches the previous afternoon, which made conditions soft, but not deep. When you are promised deep only deep will do. We had fun spending our morning predominantly in Mineral Basin before taking a few tram laps through the cirque, but we were all very edgy – where was the snow?

Snowbird cirque

For several hours, we had seen clouds boiling in the valleys and slowly advancing. Finally, just after lunch time, the first flakes began to fall and rapidly began in intensity. As of right now at six am, it has been snowing heavily through the night. Today will be a good day.


-Powder Moose