With so many GoPro users flooding the social media and web video scenes, tons and tons of new angles have been coming out of the woodwork. The past couple of years have seen lots of new angles that provide a much cooler and more creative look than the standard helmet POV. Here are our top 5 favorite GoPro mounting angles…

5. Backpack

A tough mount to build, this angle is seldom seen and often very cool. The yopros have developed a backpack mount similar to this but it is still going through some rigorous testing.

4. Side helmet

Boomer is a big believer in this angle. A spin-off of the standard helmet mount, the side mount fares best in deep snow and cliff hits. In this video, Boomer proves this claim while ripping it up at Jackson Hole.

3. Chesty

A controversial mount, Chesty is often seen worn by gapers and old timers due to its ease of use. However, if used the right way, this mount can yield fantastic footage. True face shots or not, no one can deny how good the snow looks splashing the camera in the face.

2. Standard helmet

Forever a go-to mount, it has stood the test of time and continues to be the most used angle. It is easy to operate and provides the best downhill view. In deep pow conditions, viewers can always appreciate face shots from the high angle.

1. Pole mount

Our unanimous #1 choice, the pole mount is a crowd-pleaser.  Audiences love watching skiers/riders in action from a third person angle, and what better way to capture spins, flips, face shots, and pow slashes than in this fashion. You can point it uphill or downhill, either side, or above your head. The options are a-plenty.