What’s a self-admitted powder snob to do at the office while his peers/enemies are out plundering all the fresh powder that has fallen over New England? I, for one, will sit and sulk for hours on end. Nothing grinds my gears more than knowing that others are smearing powder turns while I am busy testing data and listening to my colleagues complain about their commute. The yopro lifestyle gives and takes, gives and takes. What it gives is funding for multiple western trips making possible 2 of the best skiing days of my life to date. What it takes? Mid-week pow turns, face shots, and high fives at Jay or MRG all while filled up on five hour energies and poutine (extra gravy please).

Being an international powderhound isn’t all glitz and glam. It’s days like these you really have to swallow your pride, get your work done, and know that there are more powder days ahead. Yet when the snow report lists 20″ in 24 hours and I’m stuck on a wheely chair inside a cubicle, my stomach turns and I curse the day Jay Peak ever started updating their Facebook page.


(just kiddin Jay, love ya)


Easy E