After reading Powder Moose’s last post it brought tears to my eyes and I felt compelled to share my emotions, as I regrettably missed the epic Colorado trip of 2013. Some might say that being a yopro in field sales role, and working out of your home office gives you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to chasing powder Jan-March. I strongly disagree and there are many negatives, and draw backs that are not visible to everyday working Americans.

  • The three greatest months of the year all fall in Q1…. Sales management looks down upon taking multiple vacation days within the same quarter. Especially in the last month, when we are closing the majority of our deals.
  • It’s next to impossible to separate work from powder, and it follows you into every face shot, cliff drop, tram ride, or ‘cooz. It’s a never ending job that requires responsiveness to customers, and holding specialists accountable, all while keeping your up to date.

Ultimately for any yopro that is trying to get out west as much as possible its important to understand your boundaries.  When switching jobs or managers you must feel them out the first year of powder season, and understand how far you can push them the next season.

With that being said, after seeing the amount face-shots, powder-beards, fresh lines, and snowfall totals, I would have ducked the work out of bounds rope with no beacon or avy gear and straight-lined it to Denver with the fellow YPWGP.