With the end of ski season comes the end of the peak period for YPGP. Our shoulder season, which included multiple Tucks trips and some fine spring mogul skiing, came and went swiftly and we now play the waiting game until the next signs of fresh powder. There is much in store for winter 2013-14, but until then we must pursue worthy summer hobbies and keep the adventure train a-rollin’.


YPGP aims to become well-versed in activities for every season and have began pursuing that goal by adding in road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, and whitewater kayaking to our repertoire. While Boomer has been in the rock climbing game for some time now, the Northeast sect of YPGP is acclimating themselves by joining Central Rock Gym and discovering new routes at some of the the top spots in MA. In addition to these, bridge and cliff jumping has always been a mainstay and will continue to be pursued fervently.


While we all know YPGP was born from a passion for outdoor activities, we take notice that there can be some downtime that should be put to proper use. Therefore, we have reignited our passion for home brewing and plan to have multiple concoctions ready throughout Summer 2013. It has been a while since we’ve tapped into the brewing game (pun very intended), but we are confident we will come out with a fine product that our fans are welcome to enjoy with us.


Exciting times ahead for yoproswithgopros. While the next upcoming seasons are traditionally slow, we plan to keep the good times coming and continue pursuing our new passions until Ullr blesses us with another season of deep powder.