Well folks, as anticipated, the Summer is slowly rolling by and right around this time is when mild powder fever begins to kick in. The ski video reels start to resurface from the depths of YouTube past, the talks of cold, refreshing face shots become all the more desirable, and the cooler nights slowly creep up to remind us that Winter is not as terribly out of reach as it was in June.

While the Summer has admittedly been slow for edits and raw footage (per our standards), it is safe to say we have been busting out numerous weekends of adventure and have no plans of stopping that for the next month or so. With an overseas trip to ACK planned and an always-rambunctious Saco weekend quickly approaching, you can be rest assured that the YPGP will be living it up and providing the fans with some quality entertainment in the coming weeks.

Some noteworthy goings-on in the world of YPGP:

  • Powder Moose is fast approaching his goal of reaching every 4,000 foot peak in New Hampshire.
  • 2 batches of home brew have been completed – one light honey ale and one very tasty, strong, brown ale made from a completely custom recipe.
  • 3 of the YPGP cycled a 90 mile loop in the White Mountains, complete with cliff jumping, sight seeing, and vigorous hill climbing mixed in.
  • Steady progression has been made in the world of rock climbing, where we will soon be delving into sport climbing with the hopes of making places like Crow Hill and Rumney, NH our hot spots.

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Keep an eye out for the YPGP for the remainder of the Summer, there is still plenty left to be had. BUT, remember that Winter will be here before we know it and when that time comes, all bets are off.