Anybody who has ever put in a long day of climbing or skipped lunch on a powder day knows that the outdoors and food have a very special relationship, and it’s about lots of things: taste, location, positive vibes, pure volume, just to name a few. Over the years, a few institutions have earned a hallowed spot in the Yopro Hall of Fame:

1) Denny’s (Nashua, NH)


“Denny’s?”, the uninitiated might scoff. Yes, the Denny’s in Nashua, New Hampshire. Located at the confluence of both summer and winter travel trajectories. Denny’s is the undisputed king of price to volume ratio. It’s been a staple on the majority of New Hampshire and Vermont trips for over 7 years. And there’s the history – in early 2008, with his college freshman budget maxed out, Powder Moose found himself at the ticket line at Jay Peak on a 15″+ powder day with a debit card that wouldn’t foot the bill. With no immediate prospects for return payment, he turned to Easy E with a proposition – pay for my powder in return for a lifetime of Denny’s. Six years and several hundreds of dollars worth of Denny’s later, a debate can still be made about who got the better part of that deal.

2) Billy’s Burgers (Jackson, WY)


When the YPGP think of Jackson, there is one food stop that comes to mind: Billy’s. Sure, the Mangy Moose and Million Dollar Cowboy bar can’t be beat for aprés brews and late night shenanigans, but Billy’s is the one stop shop for replenishing the calories lost from shredding fresh pow throughout the day. The favorite choice is obviously a classic burger with a side of waffle fries, maybe a beer from the Cadillac Grille on the side – but you also can’t go wrong with the fried chicken sandwich. Whatever the choice, Billy’s food, atmosphere, and friendly grill cooks will make you feel right at home in the center of the best ski town in North America.


We regret to inform the viewers that Billy’s closed in 2012. This is both extremely depressing and embarrassing. Not sure how we are going to replenish calories in Jackson. Will provide more thorough update in the future once the grieving process has subsided.

3) Five Guys (All Locations)

five guys

Five Guys always seems to come through in the clutch. More and more they are popping up in all the right places. After a long hard day, there’s nothing better than a big juicy burger and greasy fries. When you’re running a big calorie deficit, there’s something to be said for throwing your budget to the wind, doubling up on your meat, adding the bacon, and letting the extras fly. A special shout out to the Five Guys/Chipotle side by side in Sandy, UT that is home to so many good memories and such good eats.

4) Jiffy’s Pizza (Tahoe City, CA)


YPGP as a whole has mixed feelings about Tahoe. Ginger Falcon, Boomer, and Grey Fox in particular have all had some epic powder days in the Tahoe area. However when YPGP collectively traveled to Tahoe in 2010, the week was full of grief, heartache, rain and ice. Regardless, the bad taste that lingered in our mouth from Tahoe was the antithesis of the delicious pizza we consumed at Jiffy’s Pizza of Tahoe City.

5) Powerstop (Gunnison, Colorado)


While lacking an absolute strength in any single category, Powerstop is the swiss army knife of eats. Offering a gas station, a convenience store, burgers, and full functioning bar all rolled into one, it truly has everything the pre- or post-adventurer could ever want. When you drive into that parking lot, you know you’re going to leave satisfied.