This was my first season on the Bodacious and I was impressed. In short, the Bodacious is my favorite ski I’ve ever ridden – it is a very solidly-built ski that handles admirably in powder and even holds its own on the inevitable groomer between pow laps.

Floating safely above some bony conditions during on an early-season pow day at Magic

Skier Type: Powder-chasing east coast resident. 6’0 190lb. 

Gear used: Lange Super Blaster 120, Marker Baron Bindings

Used at: Jay Peak VT, Magic Mtn Vt, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, Brighton UT, Tuckerman Ravine NH

Downhill Performance:  Most of my days are either east coast powder days or in the west. The most striking characteristic is how stable the ski feels, particular at speed. I’ve had issues with other skis chattering when skiing hard and the Bodacious always feels rock solid. This became a helpful factor while working through some variable and chunky conditions at Tuckerman Ravine earlier this year. Obviously, it floats and smears like a dream in pow. I’m a comparably larger and stronger skier – the 186s I skied on felt perfect in terms of control for me, but i could see a lighter skier not feeling the same way.

face shot
A ski that brings the face shots.

Uphill Performance: This is a heavy ski, and it’s immediately apparent when you start touring on it. My touring set-up is still skewed heavily towards downhill performance. It’s a perfectly fine ski to travel uphill on as long as you come in with that expectation.

In conlusion: Blizzard’s Bodacious brings the heat for skiers who seek a super-solid ski to chase pow and hold up on variable terrain.