About Us

Easy E, known by most for his unwavering passion for powder skiing and expertise in ski gear, is a fine example of skiing’s progression. Perfecting the pizza and french fry technique at an early age, E has constantly been fine-tuning his skills to meet the ever-growing standards of the sport. Constantly dispelling rumors of his supposed hatred of hiking, E is known to battle the toughest climbs when the goal involves deep pow. With fat skis at foot and helmet cam at the ready, you can expect this Norseman to deliver when the gettin’ is good.


Powder Moose is an outdoorsman, Ironman triathlete and deep powder enthusiast. Skiing since 3, he contracted the powder virus on a fateful early March powder day at Jay Peak. Earning his name for his large size and somewhat wide ski stance, he’s been plowing through the good stuff ever since. He tends to lead the charge on trips having to do with hiking, ski mountaineering, and any other self propelled endeavor.


Boomer aka “Backflip Brady”: known for his massive back flips, huge cliff drops, boot pack speed, and buying beers at the bar. Battles adversity every season, fighting off rumors of “peaking” and “slowing down” forcing him to one-up the previous year. He’s always up for chasing POW, but at the end of a trip don’t count on him to drive home because he will be too hungover from night before, and sleep most of the ride.


Ginger Falcon, after becoming a champion of eastern skiing at the tender age of 6 Ginger Falcon walked away from the two planks and concentrated his efforts on the board. Falcon brings balance, both figurative and literal, to the group with his steadfast love of both powder and hiking. His favorite places to find powder are in the trees and at the bottom of cliffs. Falcon can always be counted on to imbibe in some après adventure merriment but never to the detriment of the next days activities. Not much will stop this powder hound from getting to the goods, but there is a chance his nemesis, wind, may lower his spirits.


Grey Fox is the elder statesman of YPWGP. He is an infrequent poster, but is known for his cunning pursuit of powder and is highly admired by the rest of the crew.


Have a good edit? Perhaps a question for the YPGP crew? Email us: yoproswithgopros@gmail.com

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